Over 35 years of history


Sima Electronics was founded in 1980, born of a passion to offer consumers an alternative to mass market audio products. Sima products (as they were then called) quickly gained a reputation for outstanding value for money, and were consequently highly regarded by afficionados and enthusiasts.  Although the earliest products were aimed strictly at professionals, the audiophile community rapidly took note of the sonic excellence, and most models of the 1980s were used in home environments. The passion for music, company philosophy and the engineering excellence evident from the company's early years paved the way for success.

Celeste Series


The 1990's saw the introduction of the Celeste series of products, and the company was reorganized into Simaudio Ltd. Our original "Renaissance" circuitry for amplification was first implemented at this time. These famous oval-faced products became instantly recognizable for both their elegant appearance and transparent sonic signature. Stereophile Magazine gave the W-4070 Power Amplifier a benchmark review for its sub-$1,500 price, calling it "a remarkable achievement at any price" and awarded it a position in their coveted "Recommended Components".


After years of research, Simaudio launched its reference-grade series of audio products, aptly named the MOON Series. Utilizing many new in-house developed technologies and building on the immensely successful Celeste products, the MOON series was considered by many to be the pinnacle of what is achievable when innovation meets technological creativity.



With the rapidly increasing popularity of high-performance Home-Theater systems, Simaudio introduced the MOON Titan multi-channel amplifier, the first amplifier in our MOON A/V Series. Bringing years of award winning amplifier design "know-how" to the table, our design team created one of the very first high powered multi-channel amplifiers with a thermally interconnected chassis to ensure exceptional sonic performance across all channels at all times. The Titan has earned a universal reputation as the finest amplifier of its kind and can be found in countless reference grade multi-channel systems worldwide.

MOON Evolution Series AV Stack


To celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2004, we recognized the success of the Nova and Eclipse Disc Players, P-5 preamplifier, W-5 power amplifier and i-5 integrated.  To that end, we ran a special production of 250 special units of each model, and became the MOON Limited Edition series. Each model featured circuit enhancements to raise the performance bar in addition to special cosmetics.  Owning one is much like owning a unique piece of history.

MOON i-5 Limited Edition


We introduced the MOON Evolution series as the new flagship range. Years of research and know-how went into cultivating these extraodinary products.  Listening to feedback from consumers, dealers, and countless listening iterations and engineering time went into the design and execution of the MOON Evolution products. A product line that embodies life-like sonic performance, luxurious styling, unique flexibility and intuitive ease-of-use; A combination unprecedented in the world of high-end audio.

MOON Evolution Series


Addressing the other end of the price scale, a new series of MOON components became a reality. The "1" series offers an unprecedented level of performance at a cost that was previously unattainable in the world of high-performance audio. This significant milestone is due largely as a result of our many years of successful R&D, allowing us to offer what is commonly referred to as "trickle-down technology", albeit augmented by our manufacturing know-how in Boucherville, Quebec.



We've brought the MOON Evolution series to the next level with the introduction of multi-channel components. The level of performance offered here, simply put, raises the bar to a previously unimaginable level and redefines what is commonly referred to as the State-of-the-Art.  The MC-8 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier is considered by many to simply be the finest home theater amplifier ever created.  It picked up where the Titan left off...and greatly surpassed it.

MOON Evolution Series AV Stack


We began 2010 by celebrating our 30th anniversary.   To mark this significant milestone we produced a limited edition run of 30 units of each of the MOON 600i Integrated Amplifier and MOON 750D CD Transport/DAC. These 30th Anniversary models featured a high gloss Ferrari red chassis, polished chrome faceplates, legs and accents. The 750D was the very first true 32-bit asynchronous DAC available in the consumer marketplace and was met with very high global acclaim.  In addition, each of these 30 highly coveted pieces were sold with a 30-year warranty.

30th Anniversary 750D & 600i


The first MOON Network Streamer is introduced. Poised and ready for the future, the technology is given the name MiND ( for MOON intelligent Network Device). MiND technology offers, beyond streaming that is also available from others, a level of control and performance unmatched by others.



Company management and ownership is passed on to the next generation:  Simaudio is now owned by a small group of long-time employees who have shaped the image and reputation of the MOON brand.

Simaudio Administration Team

With an unchanged philosophy, a new energetic leadership team and a vision, MOON by Simaudio will continue to exemplify exceptional customer service, innovation, and engineering excellence.