Phono Preamplifier

610LPPhono Preamplifier

Featuring a dual-mono, fully balanced differential circuit layout, the MOON 610LP is a purist design heavily based on the reference grade MOON 810LP.

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Since one of our strengths at Simaudio is "Research & Development", we have the ability to create a reference grade product and then, a short time later, offer a more accessible model which encapsulates most of the technology and performance of the reference.

The 610LP combines customized parts in an ultra-refined audio circuit which is fed by a unique power supply. This oversized power supply, located within the main chassis, is housed in a satin coated, steel isolated enclosure which eliminates all traces of AC artifacts. Located within this enclosure is a high quality toroidal transformer, a 'pi-type' filter to reduce AC transmission noise and multiple stages of voltage regulation. These factors result in a power supply that exceeds the performance of a battery power supply with respect to both audio signal-to-noise ratio and voltage regulation.

A highly configurable phono preamplifier, the MOON 610LP offers selectable gain, impedance loading, capacitance loading and equalization curves, all accomplished using DIP switches found on the bottom panel. These switches are located directly in line with the circuit at optimal locations to yield the shortest possible signal path. These adjustments, in conjunction with an excellent overload margin, allow the 610LP to work with virtually any available phono cartridge.

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Technical aspects

An oversized power supply producing a DC signal with a noise floor of -140dB related to 1.0V, DC-100kHz
Power supply voltage regulation includes i²DCf (Independent Inductive DC Filtering); There is one inductor dedicated to each integrated circuit type component (DAC, Op-Amp, etc.) in the audio circuit's signal path; 24 stages in all
Selectable equalization curves for both the RIAA and the IEC standards
Customized parts include metallized polypropylene film capacitors with very tight tolerances of 1%
4-Layer printed circuit boards with pure copper tracings for a much shorter signal path; 
This results in greater sonic accuracy and a dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio
Power supply featuring a "pi-type" filter comprised of 40,000uF of capacitance and dual choke inductance 
12 Volt trigger input and output for remote operation
Ultra rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
Accurate matching of the very finest quality electronic components in a symmetrical circuit design

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