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CP-8Surround Preamplifier / Processor

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Launched in 2008, Discontinued in 2012

The MOON CP-8 is a genuine flagship Surround Preamplifier / Processor, aimed at the uncompromising enthusiast without price constraints. Designed with sound quality first and foremost in mind, the CP-8 provides a previously unimagineable level of sonic purity and realism from an audio/video product. A monumental obstacle that has been overcome by our dedicated engineering staff was the successful implementation of the most recent advancements in both HD video and digital audio decoding technologies. Coupled with our State-of-the-Art analog circuitry, the MOON CP-8 is foolproof yet simple to operate.

Nearly 2 years of research and development were invested into the design of the CP-8 by people who are passionate about, and inspired by, both film and music. The ultimate goal was to fully redefine the home-theater experience. The result can be best described as a flawless nerve center for the most sophisticated and high-performance audio/video systems, regardless of the source material. Each experience will leave you utterly breathless and yearning for your next home entertainment indulgence. 

Product details

Technical aspects

7.1 Channels with up-to-date HD audio and video decoding
HDMI 1.3a inputs and output
Three-zone multiple source capability
HD Video Circuitry using 12-bit/216MHz encoders/decoders with NSV Precision Video using Faroudja DCDi video processing, 1080p video pass-through, and up to 1080p analog-video-to-HDMI upscaling 
Full-function programmable remote-control with touch-screen
An oversized power supply with 2 transformers (1 proprietary toroidal for analog audio circuitry)
Power supply voltage regulation includes 20 stages of i²DCf (Independant Inductive DC Filtering)
6 assignable digital audio inputs
Secondary remote control for basic operation
Hidden control panel allows for full operation and setup without a remote control
10 DSP simulation playback Modes
Auto Surround Mode for Digital & Analog inputs
2 subwoofer outputs
Three user-selectable muting levels
"Auto Setup Calibration" (w/ microphone); Auto & Manual room calibration
Audyssey "MultEQ XT" with "Dynamic Volume" and "Dynamic EQ"
Crossover points at 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 & 250Hz in either 12 dB or 24dB steps
Built-in AM/FM Tuner and RIAA Phono Section (MM)
SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio ready
Short signal paths for a faster transient response
RS-232C and serial IR ports for full custom external control
Dual assignable 12 Volt trigger outputs
Ultra rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations

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