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Reference level analog playback just became even more accessible.

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The MOON 320S dedicated external power supply brings the 310LP phono preamplifier to a level of performance that is unmatched at this price and miles ahead of the competition. Reference level analog playback just became even more accessible.

Housed in a chassis identical to the 310LP, the 320S features a special "pi-type" filter and a dual voltage regulation system that reduces the 310LP's already very low noise level on the DC signal by a mind-numbing 150dB. 

Some of the benefits that the MOON 320S brings to the 310LP's already astonishing sonics are an even better signal-to-noise ratio that leaves you with the impression of increased gain; more realistic rhythm and pace; the increased presence of intricate details within the music; more natural life-like high-frequencies that allow you to better differentiate between various cymbals in a recording, and a deeper blacker background.

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Technical aspects

High quality toroidal transformer
4 stages of DC voltage regulation in a dual action configuration to further lower noise
Total capacitance of 35,200uF
Dual choke inductance (2x 200mH)
A special "pi-type" filter after the inital voltage rectification stage to reduce AC transmission noise
DC signal noise becomes 150dB lower within 310LP circuitry
Pure copper circuit board tracings with extremely low impedance characteristics
Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
Optimized selection of very high quality electronic components
Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance.


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