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The largest and most powerful MOON amplifier ever created, with performance that matched its looks and size.

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Launched in 2001, Discontinued in 2007

The MOON ROCK was a fully balanced differential mono-block amplifier that produced an ultra-high-current output signal to a maximum continuous rating of 1000 watts into 8 ohms and 2000 watts into 4 ohms, and was easily capable of effortlessly driving any loudspeaker. Using 32 bipolar output devices in conjunction with internal electronic component matching to exceptionally low tolerances, the ROCK pushed the boundaries of solid-state amplifier design at the outset of the new millennium,. With a very strong emphasis on form and finish, this amplifier included a customized 2 inch thick solid granite base, weighing in at over 120 lbs., as well as an anodized top cover.

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Technical aspects

A custom proprietary toroidal transformer design with lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss,
yielding an improved power transfer and lower regulation factor, resulting in increased current
speed and better dynamics
An oversized power supply
Fully balanced circuitry throughout the entire amplifier
Stable to any known speaker impedance
"Class A" output to 20 watts for greater efficiency
Virtually non-existent inter-modulation distortion
Extremely fast circuitry yielding real-time amplification
Mechanical grounding accomplished through the use of a solid granite base
Precision matched and fully decoupled Bipolar output devices which offer superb linearity
 throughout the entire audio frequency spectrum
 A high damping factor which yields superior musical dynamics, improved signal speed and
 refined timbre accuracy
Extremely rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
Accurate matching of the highest quality electronic components to tolerances as low as 0.01%
A very short signal path for a faster transient response
A symmetrical circuit design
Pure copper circuit board tracings with extremely low impedance characteristics
A 12 Volt trigger for remote operations
Two pairs of high quality binding posts to facilitate bi-wiring
Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance
Low operating temperature for a longer than normal life expectancy.

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