AC Line Filters

LF-S / LF-AAC Line Filters

Compact AC Line filters for both source components and amplifier type components.

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Launched in 2003, Discontinued in 2006

The MOON LF series of AC Line filters were comprised of 2 models; The LF-S which was intended for use with your source component(s) or preamplifier and the LF-A for power amplifiers or integrated. Since both models used accurate filter slopes at specifically targeted frequencies, they noticeably improved both the audio and/or video performance of your system.
Although the LF-S and LF-A are designed for use with MOON Audio and MOON A/V products, they will be highly effective with all "high-end" audio & video components. These AC Line Filters provide a very clean AC signal without limiting the musical & film reproduction capabilities of your system. This is accomplished by avoiding the typical "choking out" of high-current demands required for musical peaks.

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Technical aspects

Dramatically reduces the noise floor of both audio and video signals
Eliminates RF and EMI interference from the AC Line
Protects against AC power surges and spikes
Reduces high-frequency hash resulting from poor AC lines
15 Ampere IEC input receptacle to accommodate your favorite high-end AC power cord
Improves soundstage focus and video clarity
Heavy-gauge and extremely rigid chassis construction
Brushed and anodized faceplate to match all MOON series components.