DVD Transport / Player

CalypsoDVD Transport / Player

The more advanced and flexible replacement for the MOON Orion DVD Player

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Launched in 2004, Discontinued in 2007

Like its predecessors, the MOON Calypso offered extreme flexibility; It could be purchased as either a DVD Transport or a DVD Player, the latter including an optional audiophile-grade D/A converter and analog audio stage. To further enhance this modular concept, an optional DVI-D output circuit was available for the best possible video signal. Either or both of these options can be purchased with the transport or as an upgrade. Both a 480p progressive scan line doubler circuit (NTSC Only) using Faroudja's DCDiä (Diagonal Correlation Deinterlacing) technology and a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video output were included as a standard features. Housed in an attractive and rigid chassis with multiple massive power supplies, the MOON Calypso was a DVD Transport/Player that represented true state-of-the-art video and audio performance.

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Technical aspects

Dual toroidal transformer power supply dedicated to digital (SDI, DVI, D/A) and analog (audio and
video) circuitry
Ultra-fast switch-mode power supply for controller circuitry and drive mechanism, housed in an
integral shield to prevent any degrading noise leakage
Up to 16 stages of voltage regulation depending on installed options
Professional-grade BNC progressive component video outputs
Interlaced RCA component, S-Video and RCA composite video outputs
Optional 2 channel analog stage and audiophile-grade 24-bit/192kHz D/A converter with 8X
oversampling digital filter
Professional-grade 75-ohm BNC S/PDIF digital audio output and Toslink digital output
Ultra-rigid chassis construction to eliminate noise caused by vibration
Rack-mount-ready faceplate with removable aluminum cheeks covering the holes when not in use
Philips SD3 High-performance transport mechanism with dual-laser pickup
10-bit/54MHz oversampled video with active current-to-voltage converter and phase accurate
analog filtering
Full function bi-directional RS-232 port control and status for custom integration or automation
Support for both NTSC and PAL video formats
SRS Labs TruSurround™ 3D surround DSP effects for optional analog audio outputs
"Parental Control" setting to allow authorized access to specific DVD-Video discs
FTS (Favorite Track Selection) programming to customize the playback of individual DVD-Videos
and audio CD's
Accurate matching of the highest quality electronic components
Very short signal paths to maintain the integrity of audio and video information
Pure copper circuit board tracings with extremely low impedance characteristics
Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance
Low operating temperature for a longer than normal life expectancy