We feel very strongly about customer service. One of the ways to offer support to customers of products no longer in production is to provide detailed information about them. Simply point-and-click on any one of the following models to visit its respective page.
This page is under development. Currently, this is a list of our legacy models.
Links to details for these models will appear gradually in the coming weeks.
MOON 2-channel
230D / CD.5 Disc Player
260D / CD-1 Disc Player
360D / CD3.3 Disc Player
380D Digital-to-Analog Converter
Equinox CD Player
Nova CD Player
Eclipse CD Player
CD5.3 SE CD Player
AIR Analog FM Tuner
220i / i.5 Integrated Amplifier
250i / i-1 Integrated Amplifier
340i / i3.3 Integrated Amplifier
i-5080 Integrated Amplifier
i-3 Integrated Amplifier
i-5 Integrated Amplifier
i5.3 SE Integrated Amplifier
IPS Phono Preamplifier
PSP Phono Preamplifier
LP3 Phono Preamplifier
LP5.3 Phono Preamplifier
PSX5.3 Power Supply
LF-S and LF-A Passive AC Line Filters
P-3 Stereo Preamplifier
P-5 Dual-Mono Preamplifier
P5.3 SE Preamplifier
350P Preamplifier
330A Power Amplifier
400M Power Amplifier
W-3 Power Amplifier
W-5 Dual-Mono Power Amplifier
W5.3 SE Power Amplifier
W-6 Mono Power Amplifier
W-10 Mono Power Amplifier
ROCK Mono Power Amplifier
MOON Multi-channel A/V
Orbiter Universal Digital Player
Calypso DVD Transport/Player
Orion DVD Transport/Player
Stellar DVD Player
Stargate 7.1 Preamplifier/Processor
Attraction 7.1 Preamplifier/Processor
Attraction 5.1 Preamplifier/Processor
Titan Multi-Channel Power Amplifier
Aurora 5/7 ch. Power Amplifier
SD-1 Digital Video Converter
PW-4000 Integrated Amplifier
PW-4070i Integrated Amplifier
PW-5000 Integrated Amplifier
P-5002 Preamplifier
P-5003 Preamplifier
W-4070se Power Amplifier
W-4150se Power Amplifier
W-4250se Power Amplifier
PW-2000 Integrated Amplifier
PW-3000 Integrated Amplifier
P-20 Preamplifier
P-2001 Preamplifier
P-3001 Preamplifier
W-200 Power Amplifier
W-2002 Power Amplifier
W-2003 Power Amplifier
W-2050 Power Amplifier
W-3050 Power Amplifier